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Letter: No shame in using food shelf

To the editor,

In this economy, one's situation can go south rapidly. One day you have a good job, bills are being paid, and things seem okay.  All of a sudden, there is no job, collectors are calling, the kids need braces, and buying groceries is a concern. 

We can't make all these problems go away, but the volunteers at theFarmington Food Shelf can help with needed food.  We are an emergency food shelf.  We can offer a temporary solution when feeding the family is a problem. You might be suddenly unemployed. You may have a $300,000 home, but now one spouse has lost a job, making things tight. The mortgage is a problem. This is when you may need assistance from the food shelf. 

There is no shame in seeking temporary help securing groceries.  The volunteers at the food shelf  never judge. We are here to help all those who need assistance.  Don't let pride keep you from seeking help. We won't ask about your income.  We don't question your expenses.

Everything is strictly confidential.  We just have a desire to help people in a small way to get through a rough stretch in their battle to survive in this tough economy. If you wish, we can also point you toward other available resources for assistance.

Call the Farmington Food Shelf at 651-463-5019.  We are here to assist the residents of Dakota County.

Don Voigt,

Farmington Food Shelf Volunteer