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Letter: Support for Tera Lee

To the editor,

I am writing to ask you to join me in supporting Tera Lee for school board.  Tera is a Farmington native that truly cares for our community. Each week she volunteers in her sons' school and has come to understand the successes and opportunities for our schools. Tera was instrumental in getting the school board to approve funding for teachers to ensure the district complied with its elementary class size policy.  For the months that it took for the funding to be approved, Tera worked tenaciously to understand all aspects of the issue. She collected data, talked to teachers and administrators and was the spokesperson for many parents on this issue. 

Tera is concerned about how taxpayer dollars are spent in our district. She has analyzed the costs in the our district budget, collected outside data by talking to other districts and has concrete ideas on how we can save money without affecting classroom education.  At the recent school board candidate forum, Tera stated that the only way she would ever consider raising taxes was if she was convinced that we had removed all excess spending and considered all other options. 

Tera is an associate pastor at her church and operates her whole life with compassion, understanding and utmost integrity. She is a great listener and communicator. On any issue, she will seek out the opinions of others, research information from our district as well as other districts and make a decision based on all the information. Tera would like to see the community engaged in helping the district achieve its goals and will work to improve communication to the public.

If you think our school board members need to be somebody of integrity who puts education first and will be responsible with taxpayer dollars, I hope you will join me in voting for Tera Lee on Nov. 2.

Laura Beem,