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Letter: Teachers endorse three candidates

To the editor,

The Farmington Education Association has endorsed three candidates for District 192 School Board: Tera Lee, Brian Treakle and incumbent Veronica Walter.

Ms. Lee has a commitment to our students and teachers in the district. She understands the need for a balanced budget but wants to keep cuts away from the classroom. Lee has volunteered at Farmington Elementary School, participated in the Farmington Elementary School Parent Teacher Partnership and has recently become a member of the Citizen Finance Committee.

Brian Treakle earned the endorsement because of his strong desire to give back to the community. Mr. Treakle believes in strong academics and wants teachers recognized for their successes and contributions to their profession. Recently Treakle has served on the Citizen's Finance Committee.

The Farmington Education Association has also endorsed incumbent Veronica Walter. Ms. Walter has a strong vision for building and improving our district. She has creative ideas to build revenue for the district instead of making budget cuts. Ms. Walter has a commitment to public education.

We believe these candidates have strong attributes to bring to the school board and lead our district in the right direction -- one that is student centered and values our teachers and what they do in their classrooms every day.

Lynda Ihlan

Farmington Education Association president