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Letter: Walter is dedicated to school board

To the editor,

I would like to ask my fellow community members to join me in a vote to return Veronica Walter to another term on the ISD 192 School Board.

During her current term she has demonstrated a tireless and unselfish work ethic in pursuit of a quality educational experience for all. She has shown the personal drive, conviction and traits necessary to be an effective board member: researching topics, asking questions and respectfully reflecting on all points of view.

Recently having assumed the duties of board chair, Veronica has displayed personal courage and integrity in her conduct of this challenging leadership role. She has been very encouraging and receptive to citizen input at board meetings and in all aspects of her board activities.

As a parent in this school district, I trust Veronica to make the decisions necessary to provide for the best possible educational environment for our children and community. Please join me and return Veronica Walter to the ISD 192 School Board.

Craig Davis,