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Letter: Where are all the flags now?

To the editor,

Something has been bothering me for a while with many of the residents, not just in our own town of Farmington but also as I get out to my different appointments. The part that bothers me is, back on 9/11 you couldn't fine an American flag to buy within 50 miles from here, most likely because everybody bought one and was flying it proudly. I think that is great and I personally say, thank you for doing it.

Now, here it is 2011, almost 2012, and when I get out around town here and there I hardly see any of those flags flying so proudly anymore? Are we not still at war? We still have young men and women fighting to this day and some don't or have not made it home safely, sorry to say. So, why not get that American flag back out and fly it proudly daily like we should.

I'm a USAF handicapped/disabled veteran and would love to be able to fly the American flag along with the Air Force flag every day if I could. However, the building where I live doesn't allow it. But they do have a flag pole and a flag flying every day proudly.

In closing I would like to say this: Thanks to the ones that keep it up. I have a good retired Msgt. from the USAF that has a wonderful different type of flag pole to fly them on and they don't get all tangled up either. He might just make more and sell them if you could see him and ask.

Thanks again for flying proudly Old Glory and may we continue to do so. God bless each and every one of you and the United States of America.

Doug Taube,