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Letter: Where was truth about sirens?

To the editor,

I first want to say how wonderful the residents of Farmington have been during these tumultuous times. Everyone is out lending a hand with community cleanup to get this wonderful city back to its beautiful state.

There are two areas that continue to leave a pit in my stomach and frustration throughout the community of Farmington and this area involves both the Farmington Police department and mayor Todd Larson mentioning sirens sounding alerting the residents of Farmington.

According to Dakota Communication Center interim director Diane Lind, warning sirens activated at 3:46 am, but you have said that you heard sirens twice before to give necessary warning for what was to come ... which was not true. The Farmington Police Department has also been reported in saying that sirens had sounded before the storm.

Both my wife, myself and the majority of the Farmington community voted for mayor Larson to represent the great city of Farmington and we deserve an explanation as to why you were adamant that sirens had sounded and also why the Farmington Police Department, who are here to "serve and protect" the residents of Farmington, were also hasty to mention sirens sounded when all of Farmington, especially those hit with major damage, know this was not true.

Matt Sturm,