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Letter: Writer opposes Walter for board

To the editor,

I have noted that the Farmington teachers union has endorsed Veronica Walter for reelection, which is disappointing. Since her appearance on the board two years ago, Ms. Walter has been a disappointment. She has been a stalwart, unquestioning supporter of district superintendent Brad Meeks who has led this district into two multi-million dollar lawsuits and given us one of the most, if not the most expensive high school ever built in Minnesota as well as the highest school taxes in the region. She has voted for every tax-raising proposition put in front of the school board including a multi-million dollar bond sale to pay for retired teacher health insurance. That's like taking out a mortgage to finance payment of your cable TV bill.

Most people understand how foolish that is, but not Ms. Walter.

Farmington school district voters would do well to take the Farmington Education Association's endorsement of Veronica Walter with a grain of salt understanding that not even teachers know all the answers.

Tom Herme,