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Letters: There are plenty of good daycare stories

To the editor,

Today I took my day care kids to the park and stopped at my mailbox on the way home. The Farmington Independent was part of my mail and the front page was all about a daycare provider who ignored a state statute regarding where infants could sleep in a childcare setting. The child was placed on a bed with tragic results. The child suffocated and died, destroying the lives of all involved. And it is news.

What the story doesn't tell you about are all the kids who go to a provider's home each day who are fed, educated, played with, supervised with kissed booboos and sent home happy and healthy. There are approximately 800 home child care providers in Dakota County. If each setting averages five kids in care (most are higher) there are approximately 4,000 children in Dakota County who go home to their parents successfully each day. Child care providers are generally open nine to 11 hours a day and have laundry, paperwork, grocery shopping and cleaning to do once the kids go home. They attend trainings on the evenings and weekends so they can remain open during work hours. The vast majority of these providers are dedicated professionals who help parents and schools raise the future of our world. And that should also be news.

Laurie Wolt,