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Progress comes slowly for Grow Farmington group

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news Farmington, 55024

Farmington Minnesota P.O. Box 192 / 312 Oak St. 55024

Sometimes you have to crawl before you can run. And baby steps are just part of the process.

That's kind of how the Grow Farmington initiative is coming along. There are dreams and plans of making great strides one day, but members have to develop their plans step by step, first.


A collaborative effort of city staff, city council members, the Farmington Business Association and the Dakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce, as well as residents and other community stakeholders, the Grow Farmington group is working on a plan to promote the city and hopefully attract new business.

In February, the group established three objectives for its future -- Promote Farmington, Brand Farmington, Unite Farmington. At a March 2 meeting, they took on the task of better defining the objectives of the Promote Farmington initiative.

The group was broken down to three sub-groups, working on the marketing, events and image that comes along with developing the Promote Farmington plan.

Though there was plenty of discussion at the group level, Grow Farmington facilitator and city planner Lee Smick said there is still some work to be done.

"We need to get our heads around who is going to do what and then also start to look at the Brand and Unite categories," Smick said. "Overall, I thought it went pretty well though. There was a lot of talking, a lot of ideas out there."

Though the next meeting has not been set yet, Smick said the group will likely get together again before the end of the month.