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Still no answers on cause of murky water in Vermillion

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Results of samples taken in the milky waters of the Vermillion River are starting to trickle in, so to speak. And so far, nothing seems out of the ordinary.


Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation District manager Brian Watson said some of the original samples taken from inlet water near the Kuchera Entrance to Rambling River Park have come back. For the most part, the initial results do not show anything "that's not within the range of normalcy," he said.

The samples were taken after the SWCD received a report of a milky substance clouding the water in the inlet, where a storm sewer pipe empties into the Vermillion River, on April 21. The samples were forwarded to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for analysis.

On April 25, Watson said, additional samples were taken at the site. Those samples were to be tested for milk proteins in the water. Those results are still pending.

Watson said SWCD staff is also working with the city of Farmington to see if together they can track where the storm sewer waters are coming from, in hopes they can identify the source of the substance. He hopes to locate the source, regardless of whether the water is affected by the substance.

"Even if it all checks out, we still need to try to identify where it came from," he said.