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Student voices: Toy drive is big deal at FHS

Every year, Farmington High School collects for Toys for Town, a Farmington-based drive that collects toys for children for Christmas. All toys are accepted, from little boy toys like Lego to little girl toys like Barbie dolls. Even toys for teenage boys and girls are welcome.

If you wish to donate a toy, you can bring it to school. Then, on a certain date, the members of the Tiger Leadership Club come together to wrap these presents for the kids. It really is a fun and uplifting way to do something for others this holiday season.

This is an annual occurrence for Farmington High School. Not only do we accept toys from students, we also do many activities to raise money. One of the favorite ways to do this is the Mr. Farmington Pageant. Males from the high school have the chance to compete in this pageant to see who can raise the most money for Toys for Town.

Before the pageant, the contestants are able to carry around a box during school where people can vote for them to be crowned Mr. Farmington. If you want to vote for someone, you put a donation in their box. At the pageant itself, the contestants come out and do a dance. This is one of my favorite parts, mainly because my fellow students and I like to watch our friends up on stage imitating the holiday dance from the movie Mean Girls.

That was this year’s dance and it was a very amusing one. Next, we get to know the contestants a little better. The trivia questions are quirky and always spark laughs from the audience. The talent portion of the pageant comes next. Talents range from singing, to comedy, to weightlifting a person, to a physics lesson. They never fail to entertain.

The contestants then go into the crowd to ask for votes. If you enjoyed their talent or their trivia answer, you put a donation into their box. If you wanted to ask someone to do something, like serenade an audience member or drink a cup of hot sauce in order to earn your donation, they can choose to perform, or not take your donation. At the end of the pageant, the contestant with the most donations wins. It is a fun way to support a good cause.

Another way FHS raises money for Toys for Town is by the annual pizza lunch. On a specific date, you have the chance to eat your favorite pizza restaurant’s pizza at lunch for a small price. Not only does this satisfy your hunger in a delicious way, it raises money for a cause that helps others.

Every year, Farmington does these things to help children have a very merry Christmas.