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Get lost in the corn this fall

Bachman's Cedar Acres is inviting its customers to get lost.

The garden center, located south of Farmington on Cedar Avenue, is making its first attempt at a corn maze this fall. The two-acre maze is finished now but it will not officially open until Sept. 19, the first day of a weekend-long scarecrow building event at the business.

John Daniels, vice president of production for Bachman's, said the maze has turned out well.

"It was kind of a nice cooperative effort with our neighbors," Daniels said. "Cal Flom helped us plant it. Then we had an art graduate student from St. Olaf draw the design for us. Then we went out and ... transferred the pattern from paper to the ground. There's some pretty high-tech corn maze technology out there, but we didn't use that."

Rather than turn to state-of-the-art, satellite-based systems to cut the pumpkin and Bachman's logo in the field the company used a 20-foot grid to map out the design. They started cutting when the corn was about six inches high. Now the stalks stand about 10 feet tall.

"I've been lost in it. We've had a lot of folks go through it. We've had some families and friends come through it. It's a lot of fun," Daniels said. "It will keep you occupied for a half hour, 45 minutes."

The maze is all corn right now, but when it officially opens there will be surprises hidden in its corridors.

"It's going to be fun for all ages," Daniels said.