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Letter: Trees need protection from more than road salt

To the editor,

This is in response to David Nichols' letter to the editor published June 17 about the importance of saving Farmington's boulevard trees from road salt and lawn chemicals. It was very informative and filled with great advice.

I am blessed with one of the most beautiful maple trees in town, which cascades over my home, shading it and helping cut cooling costs. I love this tree and will do anything to protect it.

But there is a much bigger danger facing our precious boulevard trees: our own city engineers who, I feel, wrongly deemed it necessary to cut them all down (with little or no notice) prior to the most recent road rebuilding project, (Fifth and Walnut streets), thinking the cutting of such a small percentage of the trees' root system will kill or weaken them.

I truly hope the city will take the initiative to do some much needed, in-depth studies on this idea with arborists whose expert advice should be sought out before making another reckless decision on any future road projects. These precious trees are priceless and should not be cut down without more careful thought.

Renee Kirchner,