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Letter: Clark is the right choice for judge

To the editor,

I write in support of Larry Clark in his effort to be elected as a judge in the First Judicial District. Larry Clark has been endorsed by five county attorneys in this district because he is clearly the most qualified candidate for the position.

Larry Clark has been an outstanding trial attorney in the Dakota County Attorney's office since 1989. He has been lead attorney in many difficult prosecutions our office has handled, including cases of child sexual abuse and murder. His personnel file is filled with thank you notes from crime victims and plaudits from many others for his hard work and dedication.

Larry Clark has a keen sense of justice and a compassion for the human spirit. He has the ability to make difficult decisions with fairness and integrity and will do so as a district court judge. He has long been active in the community in which he lives and throughout the state in many ways, including serving as president of the League of Minnesota Human Rights Commissions.

Larry Clark is exactly the type of hard-working, ethical and experienced individual we need in this important elective office. I urge you to join me and my colleagues in Carver, Goodhue, McLeod and Sibley counties in electing Larry Clark as a judge in the First Judicial District.

James Backstrom, Dakota County Attorney