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Letter: Wilson has 'level- headed approach'

To the editor,

Community oriented, family oriented, fiscally minded; this is the Steve Wilson I have come to know since moving to Farmington nearly four years ago.

Steve's approach to issues presented to him, whether at a city council meeting or as a volunteer leader with a local Cub Scout pack is always the same. He acts with reserve, gathers the details, identifies the true issue and looks for a solution that will be in everyone's best interest.

During these trying times our city council must find solutions that do not revolve around raising our taxes even more.

Steve's agenda for the next term focuses first and foremost on a reduction in taxes with a plan to expand commerce in Farmington while keeping spending under control and working within an established budget.

Steve's level-headed approach and commitment to this community are the reason Steve Wilson has my vote on Nov. 2.

Bill Shafer,