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Letter: Wilson has earned support

To the editor,

I'll admit that when I first cast a vote for Steve Wilson for city council, I was new to Farmington, not entirely familiar with the issues, and voted for Steve primarily because he knocked on my door and asked me to.

In the following six years, I have come to know Steve personally through various community endeavors and consider him a friend. That is not why I'm supporting him for re-election, though. I'm supporting him because, as a resident and Farmington-based small business owner in it for the long haul, I want someone who is up to the task.

I can state first-hand that Steve Wilson is honest, loyal, committed and doesn't do anything half-hearted. But more importantly, I have found that he consistently asks the right questions and makes the right decisions in the best interest of Farmington's residents and business community.

I'm well aware of the "Fire 'em all" prevailing attitude in today's political climate, but let's not throw the good ones out of office. Farmington, please join me in supporting Steve Wilson for Farmington City Council on Nov. 2.

Tony Gunderson,