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Letter: Thompson is prepared to serve his constituents

On Nov. 2, I was elected to replace retiring Senator Pat Pariseau in the Minnesota State Senate. I am honored and humbled by your support, and look forward to starting my service to you on Jan. 4, 2011.

Campaigning for office is a demanding and rewarding experience. I attended numerous social and business functions on the campaign trail. I knocked on thousands of doors starting in early May, and continued right through the last Saturday in October. These experiences once again reminded me that we live in an area made up of kind, hard-working, and gracious people. I appreciate every bottle of water that was given to me while going door to door on those hot July days. It will be an honor to represent you.

There will sometimes be disagreement with positions taken and votes cast. That is the nature of political decision-making. But I will always vote my conscience, provide the rationale for my decisions and remain aware that I serve at your pleasure. Thank you.

Senator-elect Dave Thompson

Senate District 36

Assistant Majority Leader