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Letter: Resident appreciates the efforts Burke has made

To the editor,

My family and I have been in the Farmington School District for 25 years and we presently have three students in the Farmington School District. We fully support Mr. Tim Burke and the job he is doing as a Farmington School Board member. As a citizen and taxpayer I believe that a school board member's job is to represent the people who elected him and who are paying to keep the schools operating.

At the school board meeting on Nov. 8 there was a proposal to start a code of conduct investigation against Mr. Burke. It's not even clear what, if any, code he violated. For the school board to start a code of conduct investigation would be a complete waste of time, money and energy when Tim was simply doing the job he was elected to do. I think we have an opportunity here to put the past behind us and begin a new way of doing things. We can create an atmosphere of cooperation rather than litigation, a process where everyone is allowed to have input and reach an agreement together so we feel good about the decisions that are made.

Anyone, whether it's a school board member or a citizen, should be able to say what they feel without fear of retaliation. We should be setting an example for our kids of honesty and integrity. Together we can begin a more healthy partnership for everyone involved and make our schools a better place. Let's not pass up this opportunity.

Rick Leverson,