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Letter: Budget delays a real solution

To the editor,

We did it again. We have once again delayed solving Minnesota's budget problems. And we did it by borrowing money from schools and shirking our responsibility by pawning the tough decisions off to city and county governments.

I really want to stress "we" because while Rep. Pat Garofalo and Sen. Dave Thompson are members of the Republican leadership that approved the budget solution, we are responsible for letting them do it. We are responsible for letting them agree to maintain a structural spending and revenue problem that once again relies on one-time cash.

While we sat back and waited, Pat Garofalo and Dave Thompson cast the votes to make the state borrow money from schools so they could protect the wallets of a few millionaires and billionaires. Most of us agreed that we needed some spending cuts, a little streamlining and a small tax increases on those who could afford it, but not Pat Garofalo or Dave Thompson.

Thankfully, Governor Dayton was the one willing to set aside his political agenda and accept the Republican plan, ending the stalemate. Even if he did accept the Republican plan to borrow money, at least he realized it was more important to end the shutdown than to maintain a political agenda at other people's expense.

I just hope in the 2012 election we look at candidates who put a prosperous future for our state and common-sense solutions ahead of party politics and before protecting the wallets of billionaires.

Steve Quist,


Steve Quist was the DFL endorsed Minnesota Senate candidate from Farmington in 2010, and is currently working to establish a strong and sustainable DFL organization in the Farmington area and the surrounding towns and townships.