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Letter to the editor: Tree trimming went too far

To the editor,

My wife and I moved to Farmington about 12 years ago. When we bought our home on Embry Avenue the Ash tree in the front yard was about eight feet tall and pretty much a whip. Fast forward and this tree was now to the point that it was giving us some privacy from the road and shade from the setting sun. I say was because about two months ago I came home to a tree that looked like it had been butchered! Seriously, it looks like something from a rain forest with the branches lobbed off with an obvious lack of symmetry and certainly with no appreciation for the years it takes to get a tree to the point of providing value.

I started looking around the neighborhood and driving around the city and saw the same thing over and over. Some trees were absolutely hacked up to the point that they will never recover in a homeowner's lifetime. I contacted the city and spoke with the natural resources department. The young lady I spoke too listened to my concerns with a sympathetic attitude but by then the damage was done. I told her I understood the city ordinance regarding clearances and was surprised to find out that even if this tree was aesthetically destroyed as a home owner I'm legally restricted from removing this tree, or planting a new one, without their permission. I was also told that the city employees that perform this "trimming" have minimal training and certainly don't care how their end results impact the homeowner.

I am proud of my landscaping and like to think that I am proficient in tree trimming and maintenance. I don't understand why this trimming can't be an option for the homeowner. I know I could do a better job and I also know that there are dozens of other homeowners that feel the same way.

Brian Dawson,