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Letter: Steve Wilson will bring change to school board

We are writing in support of Steve Wilson for the Farmington School Board. We think a change is needed on the board and believe that Steve is the right person to bring this change. We have gotten to know Steve and his family through our kids playing hockey together and one thing has always been very clear to us about Steve. He cares about our community. He served on the City Council to make Farmington a stronger city. He serves on the Economic Development Authority to help bring business into Farmington.  He volunteers in the community and mentors students to teach them important life skills. Steve Wilson is the kind of leader we need on the school board. Knowing how our tax money is being spent is important to us and we know that Steve will help deliver a great education for our children and ensure that our taxes dollars are used effectively. Steve will be an advocate for effective technology spending yet balancing this with a curriculum that helps our children develop critical skills that will be needed for life after high school. We think this is a pretty common-sense perspective to bring to the school board and we hope that all residents will join us in supporting Steve Wilson for the Farmington School Board.