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Letter: Serving the community on the school board

Four years ago I asked for the support of voters in the Farmington School District, and I have had the honor of representing my hometown on the school board. Now I ask for the support of the community for the opportunity to continue that service on the school board.

We may not have always agreed over the last four years. But I want everyone to know that every decision made, has been made for the best interest of the long-term health of the school district. We are moving in the right direction. Over the last four years we have made a strategic plan and partnerships that will allow the district to thrive in the future. I want to continue being a part of the decision making process that allows our students to be successful after they leave our schools.

I love this community. And I love our school district. In fact, a year ago I bought my first house, and there was nowhere I would rather live than in Farmington. I would love the opportunity to continue to serve. Whether you’re voting early or if you’re voting Nov. 8, I ask for your support to continue to serve Farmington.