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Looking back: New Farmington hospital was named Sanford Memorial Hospital 50 years ago

50 years ago

From the Sept. 19, 1963

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Special meeting of citizens’ committee due

A special meeting of the Farmington School Citizens’ committee is being called for Tuesday evening, Sept. 24, by chairman Robert Pool....

The finance committee, headed by Henry Wall, met with the school board and School Committee Chairman Robert Pool, last Thursday evening. At this meeting the finance committee is constructing a completely new elementary school building, but preferred the construction of an addition to the present building. This addition could be a 10-room structure.

Their reasons for making this recommendation centered around building costs and operational expenses. The committee did, however, concur with the other committees, in purchasing at least one additional site for future buildings and in a sense went a step further than other committee recommendations by building “a second high school soon.”

Sanford Memorial is new hospital name

It’s “Sanford Memorial Hospital.”

That’s the official name for the new hospital, after 23 of the 75 ballots cast suggested the name, in honor of pioneer physician, Dr. James A. Sanford, a “horse and buggy doctor” for half a century....

According to Gil Gilbertson, who spearheaded the drive for funds here, the Sanford name was far ahead of anything else suggested....

To many, he was more than a physician. He was a personal counsellor to all who entered his door. Lifesaving was a routine, unheralded item to this man.

His medical and surgical ability was far ahead of his time. It is said he turned down an offer to join the Mayo staff at Rochester in the early days, preferring to remain a “country doctor.”

75 years ago

From the Sept. 23, 1938

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

F.H.S. football season opens

Farmington High School will open the 1938 football season by playing Zumbrota there Friday, Sept. 23. Zumbrota is reported to have a team of experienced lettermen and are rated to go places in the conference this year.

Farmington will put a rather inexperienced squad into play but the boys show promise of developing into a formidable team as the season progresses. The boys have been working hard getting into shape for this tilt and they will be fighting to overcome the odds against them.

The following compose the 1938 squad:

Lettermen — S. Harris, D. Empey, J. Smith, D. Jensen, F. Gessner, R. Woods, Wm. Helkenn, D. Akin.

Experienced — on 1937 team — J. Pash, E. Kelly, F. Mickelson, M. Danielson, E. Duff, L. Gores.

New Recruits — C. Chetko, E. Clay, L. Topp, R. Bohm, R. Johnson, G. Vail, R. Heinen, W. Johnson, L. Simmons, W. McCluskey, M. Otte, G. Hoffman, E. Harmer, C. Olson, R. Martin.

100 years ago

From the Sept. 19, 1913

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

The big fair is now going on

The big Dakota County Fair as advertised by The Tribune for the past six weeks is on, and two most successful days have already passed....

The big stock tent is well filled with stock and poultry and a larger exhibit of a better quality was never shown in Dakota County before.

The Farmington Electric Light & Power Co., have strung arches of incandescent lights about Oak and Third Streets and the night scenes are very pretty....

The products of our soil are numerous and is a sight well worth seeing. They would use a revelation to our less fortunate neighbors of the southland where the sun and hot-windkissed crops are a failure. Old Minnesota has surely done her best this year, and in fact, as President Carmichael said yesterday in introducing Governor Ebenhart, “she has never failed to harvest a crop.”...

Thursday was governor’s day and Governor Eberhart spoke for fully an hour on the betterment of home and farm life and public utilities. The governor’s plain and honest manner won its way into the hearts of hundreds who had the privilege of hearing him... The 12:30 Milwaukee bound for Mankato was held until one o’clock for the governor to finish his speech, when escorted by the president and secretary led by the band he took his train for home followed by the cheers of hundreds.

Michelle Leonard

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