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Looking back: Residents could name new hospital 50 years ago

50 years ago

From the Aug. 22, 1963 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Plan contest for naming of new hospital

In a director’s meeting Tuesday night, the new Central Dakota Hospital board decided to run a contest in the Dakota County Tribune to select the best name to be given the new hospital now being built at Farmington.

The board members personally will offer a reward of a $25.00 bond for the best name submitted and the board will be the judges. August 31 is the last day your letter may be dated. All letters should be addressed to Sanford Hospital, Inc., Farmington, Minnesota....

Everyone except board members and their families is eligible to enter this hospital naming contest.

School increase big problem at Rosemount

Mother Goose’s old woman who lived in the shoe and had so many children she didn’t know what to do, has nothing on the Rosemount public school system.

The problem was put concisely by Supt. H.C. Hanson in an interview:

Question — Have you a problem? Answer — Yes.

Q — How many students will you have this September? A — 1,650

Q — How many can you accommodate? A — 1,400 in our three school buildings and another 120 by renting facilities in the Methodist church.

That leaves “only” 130 students to find room for....

Heaviest increase in enrollment is in the lower elementary grades, but there has also been an unexpected increase in high school pupils....

Plans right now are that there will be 400 pupils in each of the two elementary schools, 600 in the high school, including 200 elementary students and then the 120 in the Methodist church.

Mrs. Fred Kluge heads county cancer society

Officers were elected to serve for the coming year at the last meeting of the Dakota (South) County Unit of the American Cancer Society.

Elected to office were the following: president, Mrs. Fred Kluge, Farmington; vice president, Dr. Robert Erickson, Rosemount; secretary, Mrs. William Ruff, Farmington; treasurer, Mrs. Ward Innes, Lakeville; Activities Chairman, Mrs. Eugene Duff, Rosemount; Service Chairman, Mrs. Lewellyn Linde, Hastings; Education Chairman, Mrs. Robert Franklin, Rosemount; Public Information Chairman, Mrs. Leslie Lindell, Farmington; and Memorials Chairman, Mrs. Lloyd Rosen, Farmington.

Serving as directors are Mrs. James Gannon and Mrs. Michael Murphy of Lakeville, Mrs. Joe Kane of Hastings and Mrs. Norman Zurfluh of Rosemount.

Medical advisors for this unit are Dr. H. T Fasbender of Hastings and Dr. Murray Hunter of Farmington.

75 years ago

From the Aug. 26, 1938 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Community schools preparing to open

The early registration in the Junior and Senior High School of the Farmington Public School held on Sept. 23 and 24 shows a heavy increase in registration during the past two years. The number of students enrolling in agriculture exceeded expectations; agriculture being a new course this year.

School at Farmington opens formally September 6th at 8:45 a.m. A full schedule of classes will be held the first day....

The faculty is the following: C.J. Wall, superintendent, H.L. Romerein, principal; Stella Shellenbarger, secretary to superintendent.

Enrollment up at Rosemount

A crew of painters has been busy during the past month decorating the interior of the Rosemount school building and a large part of the work will be completed by Tuesday, Sept. 6, the opening day of school at Rosemount.

Due to an increased enrollment which will bring the number of students in the four years of high school up to 125, an additional high school teacher has been hired. Mr. George M. Jurgens, a graduate of North Dakota State College will teach science, engineering and mathematics....

Advanced Algebra, journalism and the second year of stenography have been added to the curriculum for 1938-1939....

School districts not maintaining a high school may again pay transportation costs for high school pupils.

Frighten away chicken thieves

Chicken thieves were busy at Pine Bend in the county early Friday morning of last week, but a thief alarm aided in checking the advance of the culprits.

At 2:00 Friday morning the chicken house alarm sounded in the Joe Rowe farm home. Mr. Rowe’s son heard the bell and got out the shotgun.

When he turned on the yard light and investigated he found the thieves had left without acquiring any chickens.

Mr. Rowe attempted to use the telephone and call the sheriff’s office but an electrical storm that night disrupted the lines temporarily. Sheriff Heinen says the best protection against chicken thieves is a thief alarm on the chicken house connected with a bell in the dwelling.

New pastor to arrive Sunday

The newly-elected pastor of the Farmington Lutheran church, Rev. E.A. Pederson of Wollbach, Nebraska, will be installed as the regular pastor at installation services Sunday morning, Aug. 28, at 11 a.m. He will deliver the morning sermon, and Rev. H.A. Svendsen will be the installing officer....

Rev. and Mrs. Pederson will move here next week to the new Lutheran parsonage, the former E.M. Richardson house, now occupied by Supt. C.J. Wall and family. The latter will move to the south apartment of the new Alex Empey duplex being built on south Third Street this summer.

100 years ago

From the Aug. 22, 1913 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Have hall YMCA

There is a crying need for a reading room in Farmington. Of all the charitable, philanthropic and other good things Farmington is noted for doing, she has never yet done anything in particular for its young men in the way of providing a public reading room.

There was never a time when opportunity stood beckoning as it does now and there never was a time more opportune than right now. Farmington has a public building — the city hall — one half of which is standing idle.

Since the Music Hall has gone into new hands, the city hall has gone begging for business and there is no visible signs of business along that line brightening any. With a little expense, that part of the building could be made into a sort of Y.M.C.A. with library reading rooms, gymnasium and other paraphernalia that go with such institutions. This building stands idle and Farmington youth are running the streets at all times of the night for the want of something better to do.

Let’s turn the city hall into a Y.M.C.A. What do you think about it?

Governor of state to speak at county fair

Robert Carmichael, president of Dakota County Fair, went to St. Paul Saturday and made a date with Governor Eberhart to speak at Farmington Sept. 18 — the second day of the fair. This will prove a valued attraction as the governor is an able speaker and many of our people will be glad to hear him. We have not been informed as to the subject he will speak on, but we’ll venture the assertion that it will be worth coming a long way to hear.

Rosemount News

Mrs. J.B. Farrell and sons Tom and Daniel attended the circus in the city Wednesday.

A number of farmers held a picnic at Crystal Lake Sunday.

Rose Hynes returned home Saturday from Lonsdale after spending a week visiting relatives there.

F.A. Gollon and wife and family were Minnehaha visitors Sunday.

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