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Looking back: Farmington students got Mantoux tests 50 years ago

50 years ago

From the Feb. 20, 1964

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Students to get Mantoux tests at Farmington

Dr. Jesse Douglas of the Cannon Falls Sanitorium will give Mantoux tests in Farmington schools Monday, Feb. 24, and read them Wednesday, Feb. 26.

It is necessary that the reading of the test be done to have it recorded on the health cards.

Request cards have been sent home with the children in school and must be signed if the child is to have the test. No positive reactors should take the test but should return cards signed and marked positive so that they may have X-rays later....

It is only through continual vigilance and cooperation that tuberculosis can be eradicated. The participation in these clinics in Farmington has been good and it is the desire of the school to have a good program this year. 

Blaze guts Gee’s Garage 

A fire gutted Gee’s garbage early Wednesday morning causing heavy damage to tools, parts and cars stored there.

The fire was reported about midnight by a passing Murphy Motors trucker who stopped by Hoagies Town’s Edge restaurant to report it.

Two volunteer firemen at the restaurant rushed to the scene and called the owners, Gerhard, “Gee,” and Floyd Henry who live nearby....

Inside the garage were four cars, one truck, a tractor and a fertilizer loader. Floyd Henry, a partner in the garage, backed a pickup truck out and one of the cars was pushed out before the smoke and flames forced the men to retreat....

About $2,000 in parts were destroyed in the blaze and there was heavy loss of tools....

The rafters of the three-year-old building was charred and scorched but the extent of the damage was not known.

A year-old addition to the Henry-owned building suffered the least damage and the partners hope to clean it up and be able to go to work again on Monday morning.

75 years ago

From the Feb. 24, 1939

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Grasshoppers in February – what next?

Grasshoppers in February – believe it or not!

Two litters of ‘em — 100 in all — hatched at the home of Mrs. Wallace Wood in Castle Rock this week and she is wondering if she should call out the militia — or somebody — to help kill off the pests.

The ‘hoppers first “blossomed out” in a cactus plant growing in her winter glass window garden. The eggs probably were laid in the cactus pot during the summer and hatched out due to the warmth in the window garden.

When she first saw the ’hoppers they were a third of an inch long but they are growing fast.

One kind has a stripe, the other a tan color, probably the male and female of the same species, Mrs. Wood said.

“Bud” Tibbets turns ‘pro’

Bud Tibbets, local welterweight prizefighter, has turned professional and the other night fought his first “pro” battle in LaCrosse where he knocked out Jimmy Hefti, weight 145, who went out in the second round. On the same fight card was Henry Armstrong, welterweight champion of the world.

Monday night Bud fought at Palace Theatre, Minneapolis, where he knocked out Al Wikin of Chippewa Falls in the second round, it being one of the preliminary bouts. Wikin went down for nine counts in the first round and twice in the second.

Henry McHugh, A.L. Gerardy and Donald Kulstad attended the bout from Farmington.

Bud, who weighs 140 pounds, fights Kid Salters, colored boy, at Mankato, Thursday night of this week. Salters, it is said, has been a “pro” five years.

100 years ago

From the Feb. 20, 1914

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Land seekers leave for Texas

A.E. Drew, accompanied by Mrs. Drew, Alex Empey, G.F. and Chas. Akin, left here Tuesday for Fant City, Texas, to look at the country with a view to purchasing land owned by the United States Installment Realty Co., of Minneapolis. This is the part of Texas the writer visited last fall and was so taken up with the country and natural advantages to be obtained. You can hear many condemning Texas, but you will find they have either never been there or they haven’t reference to that part east of San Antonio....

The party will be gone about 10 days. Excursions every two weeks. You can make arrangements with the Tribune man or Mr. Drew for excursion.

Michelle Leonard

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