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Home sale will fight hunger

When Dennis and Megan Doyle started Matter 14 years ago their goal was to help people in need. Over the years, the organization has grown into a non-profit organization that helps people all across the world.

In February, when Matter started building a house in Farmington, they had one goal in mind: raise money for underprivileged people. That’s always been their goal, and this wasn’t any different.

On Aug. 14, Farmington mayor Todd Larson cut the ribbon on the seven-month project. the house was officially finished and up for sale.

The house is located at 18616 Dylan Drive in Farmington, and is currently on the market for $369,999.

Several local builders donated time and labor to build the house. Matter hopes to raise up to $250,000. The money will help struggling countries and people in hunger. Money raised will be split between Matter and Community Cares, a food bank supplying food shelves and churches.

With hunger doubling in Minnesota in the past five years, organizations such as Matter help everyone who is struggling.

“It used to be only the unemployed and drug addicts, but now all people are going hungry,” said Joe Newhouse.

Newhouse has been with Matter for six months and loves it so far.

“It’s incredible being involved with Matter. It’s energizing working with people who care so much, it’s inspiring.”

Half of the group’s focus is local, but Matter is also known for their help with struggling countries. By donating medical equipment, Matter is able to help advance the technology and lifestyle of all people in some developing countries.

“People are finally starting to see how much struggle other people are in,” said Newhouse. “We’re now starting to do very great things in very innovative ways.”