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Dew Days activity returns this weekend

Somewhere in Farmington, beds are being fine-tuned, newly crowned royalty is getting acclimated to the weight of a tiara and a friendly pig is picking out its favorite shade of lipstick.

It’s Dew Days time again.

This year’s edition of Farmington’s summer festival officially got under way on Tuesday with the coronation of a new group of Miss Farmington royalty, but activity really picks up Thursday with cookie contests, coloring contests and the year’s first downtown farmer’s market.

Friday and Saturday will bring even more, including the popular bed races, a parade and Rambling River Center’s annual kiss the pig contest.

For Dew Days organizers, it’s a welcome end to months of planning and one really busy weekend of work before they get to catch their breath and do it all over again.

“I look forward to having it all come together,” said Darla Donnelly, chair of the committee that plans Dew Days.

This year’s event will feature many of the events residents have come to enjoy over the years. Organizers have booked bigger-name bands this year and have rented a bigger tent to accommodate the crowd they hope the Rockin’ Hollywoods will draw Friday night and Brat Pack Radio will draw Saturday.

The tent might come in handy for other reasons, too. The last two years Dew Days has had some bad luck with the weather. But Donnelly said even if rain falls again, there is room for people to stay comfortable.

“As long as everyone gets there and gets under the tent they’ll be nice and dry,” she said.

There are no dramatic changes to this year’s schedule. Organizers have tried to make a more compact layout for vendors, so visitors don’t have to walk so far to see everything. And the annual medallion hunt has taken on a slightly new format, with a scavenger hunt to complement the main search and a back story to give the whole thing a little more dramatic heft.

According to medallion hunt coordinator Zack Mohlis, searchers who care to hunt down all of the clues will get the story of the missing Farmington Research Rover, a Mars rover-style vehicle that vanished after being sent out on a research mission.

“I’m hoping to make the medallion hunt a more entertaining and immersive experience, and this year is a transition into that,” Mohlis said.

Donnelly doesn’t see anything wrong with sticking with what works. She’s excited to see everything get going and to see people having a good time downtown Farmington.

“It’s going to be better this year than every year, and every year going forward,” she said.

For a full schedule of events click here.

Nathan Hansen

Nathan Hansen has been a reporter and editor with the Farmington Independent and the Rosemount Town Pages since 1997. He is very tall.

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