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True blue (and pink) fundraising in Farmington

It started as a joke.

Ground Round bartender Luke Kujawa’s girlfriend is studying to be a hair stylist, so Kujawa and restaurant owner Kirk Zeaman joked with each other about getting their hair frosted.

Then, somewhere along the line, frosted tips turned into full-on dye jobs. And then that turned into something a little more altruistic. Now, through July, Zeaman is sporting bright blue hair and Kujawa has a shocking pink ‘do. And it’s all in the name of supporting local charities.

Zeaman and Kujawa are competing this month to raise money: Zeaman and his blue hair for 360 Communities, which runs Farmington’s food shelf, among other programs, and Kujawa for Last Hope animal rescue.

“We wanted to make sure we picked Farmington charities,” Zeaman said.

Photos of both men are up behind the Ground Round bar, mug shot style, along with thermometers to measure their progress. As of Monday afternoon Kujawa was in the lead just short of his $300 goal. Zeaman trailed with about $60 left to raise.

Ground Round is also offering $1 off food bills to anyone who brings a donation for the food shelf.

Zeaman said the new hairstyles have gotten him some funny looks.

“You either get someone who is straight up and says, what’s with the blue hair or the pink hair, or you get some squirrelly looks,” he said.

Zeaman and Kujawa plan to up their goals if they break through the $300 mark before the end of July.

Next year, the drive could get even bigger. Front of house manager Lori Nelson said other employees have expressed an interest in competing, opening the door to new charities — and plenty of new hair colors.

Nathan Hansen

Nathan Hansen has been a reporter and editor with the Farmington Independent and the Rosemount Town Pages since 1997. He is very tall.

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