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Editorial: Church's departure is a loss for Farmington

Farmington Community Church hasn't been a major part of life in Farmington in recent years. Though the church has been around for close to 30 years, few of its current members live in Farmington. Some come from as far away as Woodbury or Lonsdale. And while pastor Luke Wynja made connecting the church to Farmington a priority when he arrived two years ago, there's only so much you can do when your membership is small and getting smaller.

Still, we were saddened to learn of the church's plans to close its doors following its Oct. 17 service.

The reasons for the decision are understandable. The church had lost several members to job transfers over the past year or so, and new members were not banging down the door. But whatever your faith we believe a healthy church community is important to a city. Even if few members of the church called Farmington their home, Sunday services there were a reason for people to get together. For some, they were a reason to come to Farmington when they otherwise might not.

Churches help build community, and that is important.

It appears the little white church on Elm Street will not sit vacant for long. Wynja said late last week that a buyer had already showed interest. That is good news. The building will be used, at least. It will continue to be part of the community.

Still, we imagine this will be a difficult week for members of Farmington Community Church, some of whom have attended services at the church since it moved to its Elm Street location. We wish them well wherever they go from here. Farmington will miss them.