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Local team will walk this weekend

Five Farmington women who call themselves the Farmington Fun Bags are planning to walk in the Susan G. Komen 3-day breast cancer walk, August 21-23.

Jen Venz, Nicole Roush, Kim Donohue, Cheri Rezac and Kris Lund will start their journey with an opening ceremony at Southdale Shopping Center in Edina. The walk will pay a tribute to those who have lost their battle with breast cancer, and honor survivors. Each walker has raised a minimum of $2,300 for the Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure program. Participants will walk 20 miles a day through scenic neighborhoods, gardens and trails, then rest in camp, where they will sleep in two-person tents each night.

Venz has been involved in two walks similar to the 3-day, and will continue showing how much she cares about the cause by participating in this year's 3-day walk. Venz lost her mother 10 years ago and her best friend five years ago to breast cancer. She enjoys participating in events dedicated to breast cancer because she wants to raise awareness of the illness and contribute financially to the research. She said she is looking forward to the walk she and her four teammates have been training for.

All members of the Farmington Fun Bags have lost friends, family or both, to breast cancer.

"We've been walking all summer. It's very inspirational to see," Venz said, while describing the emotional side to the walk. Everyone at the event will be walking to show support for someone they love, and she thinks it's a very moving experience. Venz is excited to meet new people and spend time with the girls on her team who, she's grown very close to while training for the walk. Venz also said she is looking forward to the campouts which will give them a chance to bond with each other, and get to know the other participants in the breast cancer walk.

Cheer stations will be set up, and everyone is encouraged to go show their support and motivate all walkers who have dedicated their weekend to such a good cause.

With focus on the victory walk, marking the last steps of their triumphant 60 miles, the Farmington Fun Bags will put their training to use this weekend, becoming inspired by others and an inspiration to many.