Henin sentenced for his role in Lakeville murder <font size = -1><i>03/15/2001</i></font>


Two Farmington residents have very different views of their future following recent decisions by Dakota County judges.

On Monday, judge Michael Sovis sentenced 20-year-old Jason Eric Henin to 13 1/2 years in jail and ordered him to pay $11,003 in restitution for his part in the Aug. 15 murder of 17-year-old Steven Temple in a Lakeville park.

Henin pleaded guilty Feb. 20 to one count of drive-by shooting and two counts of assault in the second degree.

According to statements made after the incident, Henin went with several people to Antlers Park in Lakeville to settle a dispute that began at the Dakota County Fair. One of the other individuals, Andrew Smith, has been convicted of delivering the blow that eventually killed Temple, but Henin reportedly fired several shots into the car in which Temple was a passenger.

"We're pleased to have brought him to justice," Dakota County attorney James Backstrom said Tuesday. "That was a serious crime and (Henin) deserves the sentence he got."

The situation is somewhat different for 17-year-old Joseph Siebenaler. He was charged with one count of second degree murder and one count of attempted first degree murder in connection with Temple's death. Because this is not the first time Siebenaler has been in trouble with the law, and because of the seriousness of the crime, Backstrom asked from the beginning that Siebenaler be tried as an adult. On March 5, though, judge Patrice Sutherland ruled that Siebenaler should be tried as a juvenile.

"I am disappointed," Backstrom said. "I think it's disturbing that he's not going to face the same level of penalty as adults who are just a year or two older than him. I think he was just as involved in this crime as the others were."

Siebenaler will now be tried under Minnesota's Extended Jurisdiction statute. That statute, Backstrom said, provides one final chance for juvenile offenders. If Siebenaler is convicted, he will receive an adult sentence, but that sentence will be stayed until he is 21. If Siebenaler does not have any further trouble with the law, the sentence will be dismissed. He could also receive a juvenile sentence and be sent to a juvenile treatment center.

Siebenaler's trial has not been scheduled.

Two other individuals, 19-year-old Jesse Bauer of Apple Valley and 20-year-old Joseph Adamson of Prior Lake, have also been charged in connection with Temple's death.

Temple, a Burnsville resident, was reportedly killed by a blow from a baseball bat as he sat in the passenger seat of a car. He ran from the scene and was found dead the next morning in a Lakeville yard.

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