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Pawlenty launches anti-DFL campaign

ST. PAUL - Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty has launched a new campaign.

It is not for re-election, or even for the vice presidency, something many think may be in his future. This one is against Democratic legislators.

The Republican governor's campaign committee is buying radio spots complaining about Democratic-Farmer-Laborite tax increase proposals.

"When you finish a diet program, you don't celebrate by going to the all-you-can-eat buffet," a soft female voice says to open the commercial. "When you finally pay off your credit cards, you don't go on a spending spree. But that's exactly what Democrats at the state Capitol want to do with Minnesota's budget."

At the end, Pawlenty himself chimes in: "Call your legislators and tell them you are taxed enough."

His campaign Web site ( goes even further. It gives supporters a five-step program to fight DFL tax plans, including encouraging Minnesotans to write letters to the editor and, of course, it explains how to contribute to the Pawlenty campaign.

Don Davis
Don Davis has been the Forum Communications Minnesota Capitol Bureau chief since 2001, covering state government and politics for two dozen newspapers in the state. Don also blogs at Capital Chatter on Areavoices.