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Fire damages garage, vehicles at a Farmington home

It's been more than 12 months since the last time the Farmington Fire Department had to put out a structural fire, but fortunately for one family, the local firefighters haven't forgotten how to do the job.

The fire department was summoned to the 19800 block of Dawson Lane Friday, after a 7:41 a.m. report of smoke billowing from one of two garages attached as part of a twin home in the neighborhood.

According to Farmington fire marshal John Powers, the fire was spotted by an employee of Dick's Sanitation, who noticed the smoke while collecting recycling that morning. The employee first called 911, then pounded on the home's front door to alert the family inside.

Two Farmington engines and two rescue units responded to the call, with the first firefighters on the scene within seven minutes, Powers said. The occupants -- a husband and wife and their adult child -- were checked over by rescue personnel but did not have any injuries.

Firefighters found heavy smoke coming from the roof and door of the garage, Powers said. The fire was extinguished in about 30 minutes. Firefighters cleared the site around 10 a.m., after doing necessary clean up.

Powers was joined at the scene by Lakeville's fire marshal. The two determined the fire's origin to be a malfunction in a freezer located in the garage. Structural damage to the home was estimated at about $20,000, Powers said. Both cars in the garage were damaged. The adjoining twin home was not damaged.

Friday's fire was the first structural fire handled by the fire department since a fire in a garage in January of 2007. It also marked the first time fire personnel have been dispatched by the new Dakota Communications Center.

"We were dispatched flawlessly by the DCC," Powers said. "We've very pleased by the way they handled this call."