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Farmington High School grad Simon unhurt in NIU shooting

Farmington High School graduate Matt Simon has been in high demand in the wake of Thursday's shooting at Northern Illinois University.

According to his mother, Simon, a receiver on the NIU football team, has been appointed the team's media liaison.

Simon was not injured in the shooting, but his mother had a difficult couple of hours before she figured that out. Sue Simon walked in the door Thursday and her oldest son told her about breaking news at NIU.

"I looked at the TV and I completely broke down," Simon said. "We tried calling Matt. We couldn't reach him for over two hours because Verizon Wireless was so loaded. I ended up having to go through someone who knew Matt (who was) on a different network. I had to go through someone else to find out Matt was OK."

This has been a difficult week for Sue Simon. Wednesday was the five-year anniversary of the death of her husband, Dean.

"I think every emotion that a human body can experience I've gone through this week," Simon said. "I cried a river. I was shaking. It was pretty difficult.

"We're just grateful Matt is OK and everyone on the football team and all his close friends are OK."