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Schaffer, Jennings, Budenski and Holmes win town board seats

By a margin of just 20 votes, Castle Rock resident Pete Schaffer defeated incumbent Mike Rademacher in the township elections Tuesday.

A total of 214 votes were cast for the three-year Supervisor C post in Castle Rock. Schaffer received 117 of them, Rademacher receiving the other 97. There were no write-in votes.

In Eureka Township, Supervisor 1 incumbent Brian Budenski, who ran unopposed, was reelected to his three-year term with 197 of the 210 votes cast for that post. There were 13 write-in votes for the Supervisor 1 position.

The race between Carrie E. Jennings and Alberta B. Gelineau for Eureka's Supervisor 2 position ended with Jennings in the lead. She received 159 of the 220 votes cast in that race. Gelineau received 57 votes. There were four write-ins.

In Empire Township, it comes as little surprise supervisor Terry L. Holmes was reelected to his post. Holmes ran unopposed, and received all 26 of the votes cast. A supervisor since 1987, Holmes is the township chairperson and has now been elected to his eighth term.