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MVES raises $16k for the American Heart Association

They may not have met their school goal, but the kids at Meadowview Elementary School can be pretty proud of themselves, all the same.

Last week, students in grades 1-5 spent 45 minutes jumping rope. In doing so,they raised $16,000 for the American Heart Association.

Prior to last week's actual jump rope events -- grades 1-3 jumped on Wednesday, grades 4-5 on Friday -- students were asked to go out and get pledges for the American Heart Association. Participation was optional, but MVES physical education instructor Joe McCarthy said more than half of the school's enrollment chose to participate.

"That's pretty impressive right there," McCarthy said. "Most schools only average about one-fourth percent participation. We have over half our our students participating, which is phenomenal."

The students took their task very seriously, too. Fifty of those students actually raised $100 or more for the AHA.

Those kids were named to the Lifesaver's Club, meaning they were among the nearly 200 students to have raised at least $50. The Lifesaver's Club is dubbed as such because, McCarthy explained, it takes $50 to train one adult in CPR, so from their efforts, nearly 200 adults will be able to benefit from CPR training.

The school's goal this year was $20,000, but they fell short. But still, they have much to be proud of -- with this year's totals, MVES has raised more than $50,000 through Jump Rope for Heart since 2005.