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Vermillion Township Ordinance: Wind Energy




Pursuant to Minn Stat § 365.125, Subd. 2, the following published summary is made of the adopted Vermillion Township Ordinance titled: An Ordinance of Vermillion Township, Dakota County, Minnesota, Amending Section 201 (D) of the Vermillion Township Zoning Ordinance Adding Wind Energy Conversion Systems as a Conditional Use in the Agricultural Preservation Zoning District, and Adding a New Section 531 to the Zoning Ordinance Establishing Performance Standards for Wind Energy Conversion Systems.

The current Section 201 (D) of the Vermillion Township Zoning Ordinance is amended to add "Wind Energy Conversion Systems" to the list of uses allowed as conditional uses within the Agricultural Preservation Zoning District.

The Vermillion Township Zoning Ordinance is amended to add a new Section 531 establishing performance standards for Wind Energy Conversion Systems allowed as Conditional Uses in the Township. The Ordinance establishes the procedure for review by which an applicant may obtain a conditional use permit for construction and placement of a Wind Energy Conversion System and further establishes minimum requirements and standards for all Wind Energy Conversion Systems within the Township. The Ordinance also contains provisions regulating abandonment of Wind Energy Conversion Systems and penalties for violation of the Ordinance.

Please take notice that a printed copy of the Whole Ordinance is available for inspection by any person during the Vermillion Township Clerk's regular office hours and at the Dakota County Law Library, Dakota County Government Center, Hastings, Minnesota.

Dated this 22nd day of July, 2008.

Vermillion Township,

Dakota County, Minnesota

By: Robert Bohn

Robert Bohn, Town Board Vice-Chairperson

/s/ Maryann Stoffel

Maryann Stoffel, Vermillion Township Clerk