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How does a farmer's market sound?

There's just something about fresh vegetables during the summer. Crisp salads, crunchy carrots and fresh corn on the cob are summertime favorites.

But not everyone has time to cultivate and grow an entire garden. Weeding, watering and picking fresh produce takes a lot of work and dedication -- time many need to follow youth sports or simply enjoy a summer's evening.

So it is little wonder many folks flock to roadside stands or communities where farmer's markets are held just to get some of that fresh summer produce.

But there's good news in town -- the Farmington Economic Development Authority has given an enthusiastic thumbs-up to the idea of bringing a farmer's market to the community next season.

Community development administrative assistant Lisa Dargis has been researching what goes into bringing a market to town. Still in the early phase, she needs to collect some input before the project moves ahead.

And that's where residents come in. Over the next three months, the city will have a short survey posted on its web site, The survey asks three questions of pollsters: whether they would be interested in a farmer's market, what days and times they prefer and what types of products they would like to see sold.

Residents will receive handbill reminders about the survey in their utility bills over the next couple of months. In the meantime, Dargis plans to send out letters to potential vendors over the next month to see how many would be interested in coming to Farmington.

She is still working on finding a location and a host organization, as well. Host organizations, or sponsors, are not unusual for farmer's markets. In Burnsville, Mary, Mother of the Church holds a market every Thursday.

Dargis has been in contact with organizers of the Maple Grove market. They have recommended joining the Minnesota Farmer's Market Association, a statewide resource organization.

"We would join the MFMA and utilize their expertise and resources," Dargis said. "The gal in Maple Grove said (the MFMA) is a good way to really get in contact with potential vendors and find out what people are doing in other communities, too."

Naturally, Dargis would like to involve local growers. If there are any out there who would be interested in participating in a local market, they can call her at 651-463-1620.

If the idea gets favorable marks from the community, the hope is to have a market up and running by next spring.

"We've heard a lot of interest from people on this in the past," she said. "It's a nice thing to be able to offer residents, especially with the price of gas these days."