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Letter: Garofalo exposes waste of tax money

To the editor,

I'd like to thank our State Representative Pat Garofalo for exposing the biggest waste of taxpayer dollars I've ever heard of. In Minnesota, those who receive welfare get their money on an electronic card called an EBT card.

Turns out some welfare recipients have been using these cards outside of Minnesota. Last year over $10 million in Minnesota welfare benefits were used outside our state, $1.3 million dollars in Illinois alone. To make matters worse these cards were even used in Hawaii. Because of Pat Garofalo exposing this, the Legislative Auditor is now conducting an audit to find out what is going on. I'm glad that Pat Garofalo is looking out for us taxpayers and finding wasteful spending to eliminate. He's got my vote in November and I hope he has yours as well.

Matt Hannon,