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School board: It's tails -- and Westover

The people have spoken. Now, so has the quarter.

A toss of a coin Wednesday evening allowed the Farmington School District to fill out the field for its Nov. 4 school board election. The coin toss broke a tie between candidates Carol Kappes and Bruce Westover for the last of six positions on the general election ballot. Each received 360 votes in Tuesday's primary.

State statute calls for ties in elections to be broken by drawing lots -- flipping a coin, drawing cards or any other method the governing body in charge of the election feels is appropriate.

At a special school board meeting Wednesday to canvass Tuesday's results district administrative assistant Lori Jensen tossed a quarter into the air and let it fall to the stage of Farmington High School's little theater. Kappes was assigned heads. Westover was tails.

"I offered my two-tailed coin, but they didn't accept that," Westover joked when the coin toss was over. He called the tie-breaker "probably the most gut-wrenching coin flip I've ever been in."

Kappes and Jim Peroutky, who finished last in Tuesday's voting with 351, were eliminated from the field. Either could request a recount in the next five days, but Kappes said she was not likely to do that.

"I'm still with the school. I'm still on the committees," she said Wedensday. "I was happy to be a candidate for the school board. I wanted to make it known that I enjoy being with the Farmington schools and I like the city of Farmington. I just wanted to show support for them."

Westover will join Tim Burke, Julie Singewald, Julie McKnight, Kimberlee Simones and Veronica Walter on the ballot for the Nov. 4 election. There are three board positions up for election. McKnight is the only incumbent to defend her position.

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