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Getting around just got easier

Road construction around Farmington has pretty much come to an end for this season, which means it's a whole lot easier to get around these days.

Highway 3 opened between Farmington and Rosemount after construction of a roundabout was completed right on schedule. On the same day, Spruce Street opened downtown.

Farmington city engineer Kevin Schorzman went out to the community's first roundabout about 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, a little after the road's 5 a.m. opening, to see how the morning traffic handled the new intersection. Schorzman said he watched for about half an hour, and "nobody seemed to have too much trouble with it."

Spruce Street has been paved for a few weeks, but its opening was held up while concrete was poured for the sidewalk outside Farmington city hall. That, and the fact that traffic signs had to be placed held up the opening of Spruce, Schorzman said. Portions of the street in front of city hall may still close temporarily, he said, as brickwork needs to be done to complete the sidewalk at city hall.

Just the day before, the first level of pavement on Flagstaff Avenue was completed, making the entire stretch from Lakeville to County Road 50 blacktopped. Unlike the other two projects, though, Flagstaff will remain closed for a few more weeks, as it will be two weeks before the final layer of asphalt can be placed.

With all that work being finished or nearing completion, one would think the construction season is nearing its end. But that is not the case, since construction on the new east-west extension of 195th Street to Highway 3 is expected to continue all winter. Schorzman said a bridge over the railroad tracks is scheduled to be done during the colder winter months.