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Library offers a number of free classes

If you're on a budget and need to learn about computers, visit your Dakota County Library. Offering classes on computer and Internet basics and various Microsoft applications, Dakota County Libraries offer an affordable way to learn computer skills.

Classes offered at select library locations include:

Computer basics: Students will learn computer terms and how to use the mouse and the keyboard. Great for those with little or no experience, students will become familiar with toolbar menus in Microsoft Windows.

Beyond computer basics: Students will learn more computer concepts, learning what's on your computer, how to work with files and folders and basics about printing and computer maintenance.

Internet basics: Get introduced to the Internet. Students will learn to find different web sites by entering an address in a web browser or using a search engine. Students will also learn about tools available in your Internet browser.

How to use your library: Learn how to use the library's electronic resources, library catalog and more. Then stay for an optional tour.

E-mail: Learn to set up a Yahoo! e-mail account and how to send and receive messages and attachments.

Legal resources: Learn about legal resources available from one of the county's law librarians. Get information about divorce, custody, wills, trusts, probate and other legal issues. (No legal advice given.)

Morningstar: Learn how to use the library's popular Morningstar database at the library or at home to analyze stocks and mutual funds using the many tools offered in this popular database.

Digital camera basics: Get hands-on experience taking pictures with a digital camera and transferring them to a computer for editing.

Microsoft Word: Get an introduction to the basic features of the popular word processing software, Microsoft Word. Learn how to create a document, use formatting tools, set margins and save documents.

Microsoft Publisher: Learn how to use this popular publishing software to create a greeting card.

Microsoft Excel: Discover the basics of using this popular spreadsheet software.

Library resources for homework help: Learn to use the library's electronic resources to help with homework in this class designed for students.

Course offerings vary by library. Check the Dakota County web site for details on class times and locations. Just visit and enter library classes in the search box. Or call your local library for more information: Farmington Library, 651-438-0250.