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Farmington man jailed for assault

An angry confrontation involving harsh words and at least one gunshot has ended with jail time for 49-year-old Farmington resident Jerry Lee Wiley.

Dakota County judge Thomas Poch on Tuesday sentenced Wiley to 120 months in jail for burglary, assault, terroristic threats and reckless discharge of a firearm. Wiley was convicted Oct. 20.

The charges are the result of a June 6 incident in which Wiley confronted a woman after breaking into her sister's Empire Township home, where she was spending the night with her boyfriend. The woman told police she and Wiley had a relationship for over a year but were not romantically involved. She said Wiley appeared to be obsessed with her and had spent a week following her and calling her repeatedly.

The night of the confrontation the woman woke to see Wiley pointing a gun at her. He reportedly told her she had "disrespected me for the last time."

According to a complaint filed in the Dakota County Attorney's office Wiley pulled the trigger several times on the handgun but it did not fire. Eventually he removed and replaced the magazine and fired the gun again. It discharged but the bullet did not hit anyone.

Wiley was acquitted of charges of murder and intentional discharge of a firearm.