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Empire Township Ordinance 210 A: Animal Controls


Summary for Publication

Empire Township

The Board of Supervisors of Empire Township adopted Ordinance No. 210-A, An Ordinance Establishing Animal Controls in Empire Township on December 9, 2008 and approved this summary for publication. Ordinance No. 210-A amends and repeals Ordinance No. 210 An Ordinance Establishing Animal Controls in Empire Township and includes several amended sections, which are summarized as follows:

SECTION 2 The definitions were amended to clarify the animal control officer for Empire Township and fees for impounding animals.

SECTION 4 This section clarifies that farm animals are only allowed in the Agricultural Preservation Zoning District.

SECTION 5 This section clarifies animal impound procedures and fees.

SECTION 7 This section clarifies animal nuisances and violations.

SECTION 14 This section repeals Ordinance No. 210 and any subsequent amendments thereto.

SECTION 15 Ordinance No. 210-A was adopted on December 9, 2008 and becomes effective upon this publication (December 18, 2008).

Kathleen B. Krippner, Clerk-Treasurer