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Be ready for winter driving

As the weather changes day by day driving can become difficult and even treacherous at times.

While the city of Farmington and Minnesota Department of Transportation will do what they can to keep drivers safe, residents can help themselves by being cautious and follow a few basics.

To avoid getting into trouble this winter follow these tips from the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

• Get your vehicle winterized, which includes getting your anti-freeze, battery, brakes and heater tested.

• Never travel with less than half a tank of gas.

• Carry a winter survival kit, which should include flashlights, blankets, hand/foot warmer packets, first aid supplies, high energy candy or snacks, a sleeping bag or blanket, bright fabric to tie on the antenna for help if stranded, candles to melt snow for drinking water, pencil, paper and cell phone or change for phone calls. Additional items that are wise to have in your vehicle at all times include booster cables, road flares, a shovel, salt, windshield scraper and towrope.

• Notify others of your travel plans.

• Before traveling check weather reports to see what road conditions will be. If the report shows inclement weather consider a change in plans.

• When out driving remember to slow down and stay behind snow plows. The road behind the plow will be the safest to drive.

• Be particularly aware of black ice and slick surfaces such as bridge decks. Turn off cruise control and turn on headlights.

• In the event you do become stranded, stay with your vehicle. If you have a cell phone dial 9-1-1.

• While it's tempting to leave the car running, motorists should turn off their vehicles and keep a window cracked to allow fresh air in. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real concern in vehicles.

• To stay warm move frequently and cuddle with others in the vehicle.