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Fox enjoying life as pastor at Faith United Methodist Church

Kevin Fox is the pastor at Faith United Methodist Church

Kevin Fox is really happy with where he finds himself these days.

After years living somewhere other than Minnesota, the new pastor at Faith United Methodist Church works less than half an hour from his hometown of Stanton at a church his family used to drive past on a regular basis. He's got a home in the Twin Cities, close to where his wife, a concert violinist, teaches lessons.

He's got the job he feels like he was called to do and while it's taking some work to get familiar with a new congregation things seem to be working out pretty well.

"It's really just incredible how things have worked out the way they have," Fox said.

It hasn't exactly been a direct route. When he was a student at Winona State Fox had dreams of becoming a professor of European history. He attended graduate school for German history at Marquette University and there's still a part of him that misses the classroom and would like to go back for a doctorate.

More and more as he studied, though, he felt another calling. He admired the faith and passion of his parents' pastor and he found himself drawn to the church.

"I think it was a gradual thing," he said. "I just feel God was becoming more and more alive in my life and wanting to share that."

Fox was in Germany in 1998 when his life took another turn. He met a Hungarian woman named Ildiko. Fox said he had a feeling when he got on the plane in Minneapolis he would meet the woman of his dreams on his trip. Turns out, that was Ildiko.

"I knew the first day when I saw her," he said.

She took some more convincing.

Fox lived for a year in Hungary, where he taught American history and English. He returned to the United Sates in 2000 to attend Saint Paul School of Theology in Kansas City, Mo.

Ildiko followed a little while later to study music at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

After graduating from the seminary Fox took a job as pastor at two rural churches at Salisbury, Mo.

Fox liked the churches, but Salisbury was an hour from the nearest city of any size. There wasn't much call for a concert violinist there, so they started thinking about a move to Minnesota.

Ildiko found her job first. Fox found work as a customer service representative for BlueCross. He was hired as an interim pastor at FUMC in August when the church's former pastor had health problems. He took over full time Jan. 1.

So far, Fox is still trying to get to know everyone. He's spending a lot of time visiting members of his congregation.

That's OK, though. Meeting new people and hearing their stories is the part of the job Fox likes best.

"Everyone has their own story, be they teenagers up to the oldest people," Fox said. "I love that relational aspect."