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Only one change in township boards

If you live in Empire or Eureka townships, the outcome of Tuesday's elections brought no real surprises. But things are a little different in Castle Rock Township.

Two supervisor seats were up for grabs in this year's election in Castle Rock. Newcomer Drea Doffing ran unopposed and won easily, earning 181 of the 185 votes cast for her seat.

However, Gary Pipho, who served as township chairperson going into the election, came out as the runner up in a three-way contest for his three-year post. Pipho was ousted by Mark Molitor, who received 91 votes. Pipho received 83 and Mary Kuhn got 45. A total of 219 votes were cast in that race.

In his campaign literature, Molitor pledged to "save taxpayer money through reducing township attorney fees and wasteful planner costs," and "defend our Township from annexation problems created by past board." He and his family have lived in Castle Rock for more than 10 years.

Residents voted 111 to 106 in favor of making the township clerk's position an elected one, which worked out well for clerk Jane Bistodeau, who received 186 of the 188 votes cast for her seat.

Other elections

Over in Empire township, only 21 voters turned out to cast 21 votes in favor of re-electing Ed Gerten to his three-year position.

In Eureka township, incumbent Dan Rogers held on to his seat by collecting 149 of the 155 votes cast for his post, and Nancy Sauber received 139 of the 151 votes cast for her three-year post. Sauber replaces Cory Beherendt, who chose not to seek reelection. Both Rogers and Sauber ran unopposed.