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He ran, but he couldn't hide

Attempts to shield his face from a passing police officer didn't help Ryan Endres last week. Neither did trying to escape police by driving through a field.

A Dakota County Sheriff's deputy came into contact with Endres March 10 when he saw an SUV he recognized as belonging to the Hampton man on Highway 52. Endres, 22, does not have a valid driver's license.

When the deputy pulled up alongside the SUV it appeared the driver was trying to hide his face but the deputy eventually recognized Endres, according to a complaint filed in the Dakota County Attorney's office.

The deputy turned on his siren, and Endres sped away, eventually cutting through a farm field. The deputy was unable to follow through the muddy field.

A short time later another deputy found Endres' SUV at a home in Hampton. They arrested him and searched the SUV, where they found syringes and baggies containing heroin residue.

Endres now faces felony charges for drug possession and fleeing a police officer. The drug charges carry a potential sentence of up to 10 years and fines of up to $20,000. The fleeing a police officer charge carries a potential sentence of up to three years and fines of up to $5,000.

Stolen scrap leads to charges

At least five loads of stolen scrap metal are adding up to big trouble for a 33-year-old Faribault man.

According to a complaint filed in the Dakota County Attorney's office Justin Ray Stam stole several loads of scrap aluminum from a business in Hampton Township. The business owner called police in August of 2007 to report the metal had been taken.

Sheriff's deputies eventually tracked down Stam, who, according to the complaint, admitted taking scrap metal from the Hampton business "about five times." He said the metal he took was worth about $4,000.

If convicted on a felony theft charge Stam could face up to five years in jail and fines of up to $10,000.