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Two charged with unlawful possession of weapons

Two men who told Dakota County Sheriff's deputies they are members of the Crips gang face felony charges after deputies found them shooting at targets in Castle Rock Township.

Deputies found 23-year-old Mau Chau of North St. Paul and 30-year-old South St. Paul resident Tasheen Goggins March 21 near 255th Street while responding to a report of shots fired. The deputies found Chau, Goggins and a juvenile standing along the railroad tracks in that area. With the help of a police dog they found several weapons, including a sawed-off shotgun, ammunition and targets.

Deputies also found shell casings that appeared to have come from people other than Chau and Goggins.

Both Chau and Goggins have felony convictions on their record and are prohibited from possessing a weapon. Chau was convicted of aggravated robbery in February of 2006.

In a statement to police Goggins said he and Chau are member of the Crips gang but are "not violent."

If convicted on a charge of possession of a pistol by an ineligible person, a felony, Goggins and Chau could each face up to 15 years in jail and fines of up to $30,000.