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School board will consider retirement incentive

A handful of Farmington teachers might have a little more reason to think about wrapping up their careers if the Farmington School Board approves a $10,000 retirement incentive next week.

The resolution, which the board is set to consider at its meeting Monday, will give eligible teachers who retire by July 15 $10,000 in a health care savings account. State law allowing the incentive package came on the books in 2007 and will disappear in July, District 192 human resources manager Linda Goers said.

The resolution describes the move as a budget-balancing measure.

"It will assist us with the budget, especially if we are frozen (funding) from the state," Goers said. "It will create efficiencies for us. It will give us an opportunity to hire other areas to do things we need."

Even if it's approved, the incentive package isn't likely to lead to a mass exodus of experienced teachers. Goers said only seven teachers qualify for the incentive.

"I don't think, even of those seven, everyone is interested," Goers said. "I know there are a couple people who have approached me and would be interested."

Teachers who accept the retirement incentive, if it's approved, will be able to use the $10,000 for health care expenses not covered by Medicare or insurance.

Monday's school board meeting starts at 5 p.m. Monday in the little theater at Farmington High School. The meeting is early because of a community education and Farmington Independent-sponsored concert that night by the U.S. Air Force Concert Band and Singing Sergeants.